Comprehensive Review of Twilight Teeth

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If you are looking for a teeth whitening product that is easy to use and provides professional results then maybe you should consider Twilight Teeth. This product has gained wide acceptance in a short span of time because of its unique proprietary system that takes advantage of UV light effects. It eliminates the need to visit a dentist clinic just for whitening the teeth.

In just 20 minutes time that it takes to tan the body, you can have whiter teeth that sparkle and improve your appearance. Once the discoloration of your teeth is gone then you will feel more confident when meeting your friends, colleagues, customers and clients.

This product comes in a kit that includes a mouthpiece, a gel used for whitening the teeth, and a portable light. There are two ways to use this product. You can either whiten your teeth while you are tanning your body in a salon or you can just use it at home. In case you want to use it at a body tanning center then you do not need the portable light. You can leave the light at home and take only the whitening gel and the mouthpiece with you to the tanning center. It comes with an application brush to apply the whitening gel on your teeth. Use the brush to apply the gel gently onto the teeth. Make sure you cover all teeth completely with the gel or you may have a few spots that are left untreated.

Apply the gel carefully in an up and down vertical motion. It is better to cover one tooth at a time rather than try to apply on many teeth with one stroke of the brush. Again, you should ensure that no part of a tooth is left uncovered. Apply the gel evenly between the teeth. If needed, take more gel by dipping the brush in the gel. Once the gel is applied on all teeth then insert the mouthpiece into your mouth. The mouthpiece has an opening at the front so that the front of your teeth can be seen even after inserting the mouthpiece in its place.

Once you are over with this process then just lie back and let the gel do its work of whitening your teeth, then remove the mouthpiece 20 minutes later, thats basically it, now your teeth whitening session is complete. There is no need to rinse because the gel is absorbed during the session. It means no mess and in 20 minutes time you have visibly whiter teeth.

Twilight TeethIf you do not have time to tan and want to use it at home then you have to repeat the same process except one additional step which is to attach the portable light. After placing the mouthpiece in your mouth, attach the small light to its front opening. You get the same results as you would doing the tanning session in a salon. It is safe, easy to use and a very effective UV teeth whitening system that really works.

The Twilight Teeth whitening system uses the effects of UV light and heat to accelerate the process of teeth whitening. While it can be used away from the UV light, the manufacturer recommends using it during a UV light tanning session for best results.

This teeth whitening system is suitable also for individuals who have sensitive teeth. The teeth are not submerged in the gel during the whitening session, which is the case with most of the teeth whitening products that use similar technique.

The effect of a teeth whitening system depends a lot on the freshness of the whitener concentrate used in the gel. Twilight Teeth has higher concentration of the whitener in the gel to ensure the freshness and effectiveness of the main ingredient. The gel is applied only on the teeth so the gums and soft tissues are left untouched. There is no sensitivity problems or mess in the mouth.

In regards to all of the twilight teeth reviews I’ve been reading, many users have reported that they were unable to see good results in a single session. They found that the best results were found after 3-5 sessions and also when the sessions are done on consecutive days. So if you are a regular at the tanning salon or just want to get whiter teeth from the comfort of your own home, you should seriously be considering trying out Twilight Teeth.

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